The Privacy Take Back Crusade

Our lives are connected. If it is connected by our phones or by the Internet we are truly connected to each other. Which is good being able to keep in instant contact with our friends and families but, this connection is a very sharp double edged sword.

Most of us already know this. But sometimes I am amazed by the lack of understanding of what the always on connection can actually lead to and in the last few years have been realised.

So I decided to take that step to helping people fully understand what all the Google's and Facebook's of this world are actually doing with your data, your online behaviour, your habits and in some cases your deepest secrets and subconscious thoughts.

In order to do this I am undergoing my own "privacy take back crusade". Actually looking at what apps I use on a daily basis and what data is actually being collected. Then if it is really possible to unpick all those threads and move to a more privacy focused way of using that specific application or service.

I also hope to educate people around the threats that are seen on a daily basis by cyber security professionals and help to open the threats to a wider audience that may not completely understand the circumstances.

In some post there will be technical posts, I hope to give the blog an over all blend of information for many audiences. So, let's go!